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Honorary Doctor of Science

The criteria for the award of Honorary Doctor of Science are:

  1. distinguished contribution to an academic discipline or field of endeavor, relating to the physical sciences or health sciences; and
  2. exceptional record of service to professional and/or public life.

An Honorary Doctor of Science has been awarded to:


Dr Vanessa Guthrie
In recognition of her remarkable contribution to strengthening Australia's resources industries in the areas of sustainability, technical innovation and policy leadership.

Professor Con Michael
For his outstanding contribution to medical research and education in Western Australia and for his support in the development of the Curtin Medical School.


Emeritus Professor Michael McManus
For outstanding contributions to the science of human drug metabolism and exemplary leadership in the fields of science and higher education.


Mr Andrew Mackenzie
In recognition of his contribution to the discipline of geochemistry and for strategic leadership in the resources industry.


Mr Charles Morgan
In recognition of his vision and commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation.


Madam Swee Hia LIM
In recognition of her distinguished contribution to the field of nursing.

Professor Fiona Stanley
As Foundation Director of the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research, Professor Stanley has championed health and medical research and the importance of children and youth for Australia's future.


Mr Tom Calma
In recognition of his distinguished contributions to Indigenous health and education.

Dr John O’Sullivan
For contributions to international radio astronomy and for the invention and development of high-speed wireless networking.

Professor Bryant Stokes
In recognition of his distinguished contribution to the field of healthcare and for his ongoing contribution to health education and the medical profession.


Professor Guo Huadong
For contributions to the international development of radar remote sensing and for international leadership in research and higher education with the Peoples Republic of China.


Dr Jim Ross
In recognition of his distinguished career as a geoscientist and exceptional service to Curtin through his chairmanship of the Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectronmetry and Earth Science Western Australia.

President (Professor) Lu Yongxiang
In recognition of distinguished contribution to the development of fluid power transmission and leadership in the development of science and engineering in China.


Professor Reginald Malcolm McCulloch
In recognition of Professor McCulloch’s outstanding international scientific career, the Council of Curtin University of Technology has resolved to confer upon Malcolm T. McCulloch, the degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa.


Ms Ann Choo
In recognition of distinguished contribution to the development of the physiotherapy profession in Singapore and long standing support offered to Curtin’s School of Physiotherapy.


Professor Michael Daube
For outstanding leadership and distinguished contribution to the discipline of Public Health.

Ms Joy Brann
For outstanding community service through the development and teaching of palliative care.


Mr Leon Andrew Davis
For exceptional leadership and service to the mining industry and commitment to the development of mining operations in active partnership with Aboriginal people.

Dr Eric Gaychee Tan
For major contribution to medicine and to the advancement of surgery whilst also devoting his energies to community service and multicultural activities.


Mr Ian F Burston
Mr Brian Clifford Edwards

Dr Roy M Green
In recognition of the contribution made by Roy Montague Green both within the industry, community, and in particular his strong support and contribution to the University.

Dr Michael G Kailis
For the development and commercialisation of the marine resource industries in Australia and the region. His energy in developing major international activities directed to meeting the world’s food requirements is testament to his global contribution.

Dr RogerA G Vines
In recognition of his contribution to industry, the community, and in particular to the contribution made to the University.


Dr Frank R Honey
In recognition of his contribution to the Curtin University of Technology and to the area of remote sensing. Conferred 6 April 1995.


Mr Charles H Warman
For highly significant contribution through technical innovation relating to the science and practice of mechanical engineering.


Sir Arvi Parbo

Dr Alec Francis Trendall

For distinguished contribution to the field of geology and his valuable involvement with WAIT and Curtin Research in this field for over twenty years.