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Honorary Doctor of Letters

The criteria for the award of Honorary Doctor of Letters are:

  1. distinguished contribution to an academic discipline or field of endeavor relating to humanities and social sciences; and
  2. exceptional record of service to professional and/or public life.

An Honorary Doctor of Letters has been awarded to:


Ms Julia Gillard
In recognition of a distinguished career in political leadership and outstanding contributions in the fields of education, industrial relations, social inclusion, environmental protection and telecommunications.

Ms Kate Mulvany
Ms Kate Mulvany is a prolific, award-winning playwright, screenwriter, librettist and actor whose concerns have extended to social activism and defending the role of arts in society.

Professor Sir Ian Diamond
In recognition for his outstanding service in social science and higher education and advanced international research collaboration in Western Australia.

Mr Alan Dodge
In recognition of his significant contribution to the arts in Western Australia, Australia and internationally, his mentorship,and his tireless advocacy and promotion of arts education and accessibility.


Emeritus Professor Graeme Turner
In recognition of his contribution to the fields of media studies and cultural studies internationally. You can read Emeritus Professor Turner's occasional address from the February 2017 Graduations here.

Former High Court Justice, the Honourable Michael Kirby
In recognition of his outstanding record of judicial service and his promotion of human rights in Australia and overseas. You can read Michael Kirby's occasional address from the February 2017 Graduations here.


Chief Justice Wayne Martin
In recognition of exceptional contribution and ensuring greater access, transparency, compassion and human understanding to the administration of the law in Western Australia.


Mr George Jones
In recognition of exceptional contribution to the mining industry and philanthropy in Western Australia.

Dr Frances Pinter
In recognition of distinguished contribution to the publishing industry and exceptional record of service to professional and public life.