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Alumni Lecture Series – Fire and climate change

Curtin University's Office of Advancement has the pleasure of inviting you to attend the first instalment of the Alumni Lecture Series – Fire, refugia and the challenges for climate change adaptation in old stable landscapes on Tuesday 17 March 2015 presented by Associate Professor Grant Wardell-Johnson, Department of Environment & Agriculture, School of Science, Curtin University.

The subdued landscape of south-western Australia is already experiencing climate change, with predictions for further warming and drying in the area. In this region, natural barriers to recurrent bushfires have led to the formation of fire refugia (areas that burn less often or at less intensity than the surrounds). However, dryer and warmer conditions in the region make more of the landscape flammable for longer, increasing the likelihood of large and erratic bushfires, so dismantling the natural barriers to fire spread.

Associate Professor Wardell-Johnson will explore the impact of climate change and the challenges of increasingly urbanised bushland in fire management. He will also discuss the urgent need for societal engagement and the limits to society’s adaptation capacity.

Event details

DATE Tuesday 17 March 2015

Lecture: 6.00 pm (for a 6.15 pm start) to 7.15 pm
7.15 pm to 8.00 pm

WHERE John Curtin Gallery
Building 200A,
Curtin University, Bentley Campus
RSVP Tuesday 10 March 2015


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