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The Curtin University Alumni Singapore Chapter (CUASC) runs regular social and professional development events that are well attended by a variety of guests.

The CUASC aims to provide graduates the opportunity to maintain contact with the university and one another, provide marketplace feedback regarding the relevance and quality of courses conducted at Curtin University, build a bridge between the academic environment and the workplace and encourage the pursuit of academic excellence.

The chapter also offers an exciting range of services such as free career assistance for newly graduated students, events and chapter support for active alumni.

If you wish to contact the Singapore chapter, please email Matthew Loo or visit our Facebook page.

List of contacts

President Edmund Seng
Vice-President Khairul Hilmi Bin Mohd Khair
Honorary Treasurer Francis Tan
Assistant Treasurer  Tan Boo Soo
Honorary Secretary Matthew Loo
Assistant Secretary Melvin Goh
Honorary Auditor Tan Boon Kim