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Through your eyes



Each individual has their own personal story that makes them who they are. At some point in the last 50 years, the individual journey of each of our alumni intersected with our journey as an institution. We have a unique relationship, as we are each a part of the others timeline and story.

You've seen and experienced our story, so now we would love to learn more about your experience. We are asking all of our alumni to bring out their photo albums, or go through their hard drive, and share some images from your time at the Curtin or WAIT institutions. We would love to share these images with the rest of our alumni community in our upcoming '50 Years of Alumni' photo gallery.

If you would like to share any images from your time at Curtin or WAIT, and have them displayed on our alumni website, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Via email - Please attach your images and email them to Please also include your permission for our alumni team to upload these photographs, as well as a brief description of your images.
  • Via Facebook - Upload your photos and be sure to like and tag the Curtin Alumni Facebook page.
  • Via Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn - Upload your photos and include #curtin50years in the caption.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact Alumni & Community Relations via phone at +61 8 9266 3113, or via email at


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